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About Ruth Petzold

Ruth Petzold has had a lifelong passion for Photography and the Sea.

Born in Michigan, Ruth blends her love of nature into unique photographic images. 

She has traveled to exotic and remote parts of the world in pursuit of her subject matter and has worked closely with Dr. Eugenie Clark "The Shark Lady" and

Dr. Denise Herzing of the Wild Dolphin Project*.

Her work is a collection of artistic and humorous portraits of the natural world and its curious inhabitants. She has captured the personalities and antics of such creatures as Herman the Hermit Crab, and Eleanor the Eel, in their ocean homes and the charismatic creatures of Africa, Antarctica, and the Antarctic. 

Her works have been displayed in one-person shows in national museums and galleries*. She has received a gold medal for international photography and has been published in various scientific journals and National Geographic. 

"Ruthie's Ridge," a dive site in the Solomon Islands, is named for her and portrays her sharing of this unique environment. 

*The Vero Beach Museum of Art​

*The Crooked Tree Arts Center, Petoskey, Michigan

*The Lighthouse Gallery; Jupiter, FL

* A special Thanks to Ivi Kimmel for her endless support and tireless efforts in creating whimsical names

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